Discovering Diptera: Flies Under the Microscope

Hoverflies, houseflies, fruit flies, soldierflies, bee-flies, craneflies, and more: flies are all around us, but are often overlooked or even actively discouraged. In fact the true flies, or Diptera, are found in all habitats and have fascinating life cycles and ecology. This course will provide an introduction to identifying Diptera, using photos, specimens and microscopes to explore different fly families and learn how to recognise them. Most of the course will be indoors, but we will include a field visit to look for winter flies among some of Epping Forest’s ancient trees. Please bring a packed lunch.

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Key Information

Start date:

2nd December 2017 at 9:00am


From £39


Field Studies Council




Biology, Ecology, Nature & Wildlife


Epping Forest, United Kingdom

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