Discovering Marine Mammals (Online Course)

Majestic marine mammals feed and breed around our shores. Dive into their biology and ecology with this course.

During this marine mammal course, you will be introduced to these animals and the habitat that they have chosen for their home. The course then builds up from an introduction to beginning to explore marine mammals’ adaptations, feeding and life cycles.

This is a 3-week course covering 3 topics, for which you will complete a variety of online resources and activities. Each topic is then concluded with an interactive Zoom workshop to complement the content.

This course brings you the expertise of both FSC and ORCA through the following topics:

    • Introduction to Marine Mammals
    • Adaptations to the Marine Environment
    • Marine Mammal Feeding and Life Cycles

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

    • Explain what a marine mammal is and the variety of species found in UK waters
    • Describe what adaptations marine mammals have to the marine environment, specifically in UK waters.
    • Learners will be able to explain marine mammals’ feeding techniques and life cycles.
    • Share your knowledge with friends, family and fellow volunteers.

This is a training course from the FSC, including online course materials, expert tuition, and a flexible learning style. After attending this course, you may like to progress your learning about marine mammals with further relevant FSC courses or branch out into other areas of the animal kingdom. The FSC offers both online and in person courses, so you can choose the learning style that suits you best.

This course is run in association with ORCA, a marine conservation charity that is dedicated to studying and protecting whales, dolphins and porpoises in UK and European waters.

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Key Information

Start date:

3rd February 2022 at 9:00am




Field Studies Council




Biodiversity, Biology, Conservation, Ecology, Marine Conservation, Nature & Wildlife


Online, United Kingdom