Fabulous Fungi

Neither plant nor animal, find out how these organisms that feed on dead and decaying matter, get their strength in order to thrive in our woodland. There are 100’s of different fungi that can be found in the UK. Enjoy a day of learning about their unique features. Discover the best ways of identifying fungi and then search for them in the ancient woodland of Nower Wood.

Our local woodland and fungi experts, Roger Granby and Dick Alder, will spend the morning in the classroom while in the afternoon they will take you outside to hunt for different fungi species.

There will be a gentle walk of approximately two kilometres, therefore we advise you to wear sturdy walking boots and all weather clothing.  You will also need a container/basket and a dull knife or spoon for collecting your fungi samples.

How to Apply


Please mention ConservationJobs.co.uk when enrolling in this Course!

Key Information

Start date:

18th October 2022 at 10:00am


members £35, non-members £47


Surrey Wildlife Trust




Ecology, Nature & Wildlife


Nower Wood Educational Nature Reserve, United Kingdom

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