Incredible Nightjars

The nightjar is a particularly unusual bird.  It’s a master of camouflage as it nests on the ground during the day and hunts for insects and beetles at night.  Its wide mouth and short bill looks almost reptilian while its long wing span provides a beautiful evening display. And that is before it begins singing it’s curious churring song.

Join us for a fascinating evening learning about this amazing bird.

We will begin with a classroom session learning about the creature. This will take place at Collingwood College, Camberley GU15 4AE.  Ben Habgood, Nature Based Solutions Manager and avid ornithologist, will be sharing his expertise and vast amounts of knowledge.  You will then drive the very short distance to the Barossa Nature Reserve  to witness the spectacle of the evening nightjar.

As dusk approaches, a strange sound starts up: a mechanical whirring, almost like a distant engine, and just as the darkness arrives, the nightjar appears.

It must be noted that seeing the nightjar is very weather dependant. Sadly, if it is raining, windy or cold we are unlikely to see them. But we believe it is definitely worth trying.

We will be walking up to 5k at night on the heathland, so sturdy walking boots, head torches and warm clothing will be required.  Sadly, this will not be suitable for those with mobility issues.

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Incredible Nightjars

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10th June 2022 at 7:00pm


members £45, non-members £57


Surrey Wildlife Trust




Ecology, Nature & Wildlife


Barossa Common, United Kingdom

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