Introducing Ferns

This beginner to intermediate course will introduce you to British ferns including their biology, ecology and identification.

The day will start with an introduction to British ferns, first what is or is not a fern, and then encountering and identifying the ferns themselves. Enjoy looking at the complex beauty of ferns and identifying and interpreting the structures visible through a hand lens. Using a range of botanical features, we will become familiar with the terminology and techniques to make accurate and successful identifications, as well as learn about their natural history and ecology along the way. Working through the ‘Fern Guide’, participants will discover a range of botanical characters that are used to identify ferns and leave with the skills to confidently identify this wonderful group.

This course will cover:

    • Introduction to British ferns
    • Fern biology and ecology
    • Identifying ferns using the AIDGAP guide and the limitations it has

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

    • Describe fern biology and ecology
    • Identify ferns from familiarity
    • Use the ‘Fern Guide’ to identify many of the species you may come across.
    • Share this knowledge with friends, family and fellow volunteers

PLEASE NOTE the course fee is for tuition only. There is no accommodation provided with this course. If you would like to book accommodation, lunch and an evening meal at Millport please email

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How to Apply

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Key Information

Start date:

30th July 2022 at 10:00am




Field Studies Council




Biodiversity, Biology, Climate Change, Conservation, Ecology, Nature & Wildlife


FSC Millport, United Kingdom

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