Lichens in the Dales

Start to identify lichens on this introductory course. The Malham Tarn area is rich in lichen species, over 300 having been collected within three miles of the Field Centre. A wide range of forms is present, occurring on rocks, trees and soil, allowing the beginner to form a useful and informative collection of material.

The nature of the lichens and methods used to study them in the field and at home will be explained. Methods of collection and examination will be provided and local collections from the field will be returned to the Field Centre for further study. This will include the close observation of the symbiosis and reproduction of lichens.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to identify lichens as distinct from other lower organisms and place them approximately in their morphological group or family. Participants should also acquire confidence in using simple identification keys and chemical tests and obtain an understanding of their biology and impact on the landscape.

This is a course for beginners or those with little experience with lichens, though the more experienced are also welcome.

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Biodiversity, Biology


Malham Tarn

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