Millipede Identification with Microscopes

There are around 50 different species of millipede occurring naturally outdoors in the British Isles and despite being an invertebrate that is commonly found in our gardens, relatively few people know how to identify the different species. Join us to take your millipede identification skills to the next level.

This course provides an introduction to identifying millipedes using the ‘Provisional Key to British Millipedes- Paul Lee’. This includes a short presentation introducing the morphological features used to identify specimens to species level and support from an expert tutor throughout the practical sessions.  During the lab sessions, you’ll explore a wide variety of different millipede species, including both common species and rare ones that can be trickier to find in the wild.

A wide variety of specimens will be used to ensure that learners have gained experience in locating and classifying key characters and identified a diverse range of species. For example, learners will be taught how to count the body rings of millipedes, starting with the collum (behind the head) through to the back end. With male specimens, we’ll look at the gonopods (modified legs that are used in mating) and learn how the shape of these is unique to each species.

Through a combination of taught classroom content and lab-based practical sessions, learners will gain confidence in using the identification key and preserved specimens to identify millipedes to species level.

What will be covered during this course?

  • The external (morphological) features used in millipede identification
  • How to work through the ‘Provisional Key to British Millipedes’ by Paul Lee to determine millipede specimens accurately to species level
  • Practical experience observing millipede ID features using a microscope
  • No microscope experience is necessary – our tutors will set up and show you how to use a microscope

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Start date:

8th December 2021 at 10:00am




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FSC Bishops Wood, United Kingdom

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