Phase 1 Habitat Survey: Plant ID

A fundamental technique employed by ecologist, developers, land managers and conservation organisations to help provide a broad-brush understanding of large areas of land, to identify areas that require further investigation, and to target areas for development or conservation. First-rate identification skills are essential to distinguishing plants that determine the habitat, define the dominant species and forms the basis for an evidence-based report. This one-day course will outline exactly how to undertake a Phase I survey, the preparation required, tools needed, what constitutes a useful target note, map and well written report. It will focus on developing key identification skills to undertake this technique effectively across the range of grasslands covered within Phase I surveys.

John is the Director of CH Ecology, an independent ecologist and consultant, providing surveys and training on behalf of conservation agencies and Local Authorities. John has a background within amenity horticulture as a Technical Manager, providing advice and training to Local Authorities, prominent sports facilities and private land owners. John is an enthusiastic communicator and botanist.

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Key Information

Start date:

27th March 2019 at 10:00am




Field Studies Council




Conservation, Countryside & Land Management, Ecology


Bishops Wood, United Kingdom