Relight Your Fire- With the Right Logs

Winter is Coming! – Are you prepared?

We all love a roaring open fire or a cozy wood burner to keep us warm when the nights start closing in.  But are you being as smart as you could be when burning those logs?  Our Woodlands Officer, Hugh Williams, will help you to understand what woodland fuel has the least impact on the environment and your pocketbook while providing you with the most efficient heat source.

Hugh will discuss the many types of trees that grow locally and their importance in sustainable woodland management.  We will discuss the different tree species and which ones are best to use for burning.

He will elaborate on different ways to store your logs while delving into the mysteries of moisture content and how to identify this before purchase.

Finally he will talk about Clean Air Zones and various government policies that apply/do not apply to burning logs for heat.

At the end of this Saturday morning course you will have a comprehensive understanding of where to buy/obtain the best types of logs.  You will gain new ideas on how to keep them dry through various storage solutions. And most importantly, you will be confident in your knowledge of how best to keep the cold out and the heat in by burning the perfect log.

How to Apply

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Key Information

Start date:

5th October 2019 at 10:00am


members £25, non-members £37


Surrey Wildlife Trust




Environment, Workshop & Practical Skills


Nower Wood Educational Nature Reserve, United Kingdom

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