Rocky Shore Invertebrates

Make the most of the lowest tide of the year in Pembrokeshire to learn more about the wealth of invertebrates found on sheltered and expoosed rocky shores.This course provides practical experience in the identification of common rocky shore invertebrates. Identification will be based on characteristics that are visible in the field with a hand lens. Rocky shores exhibit a strong environmental gradient and the distribution of the organisms reflects this. We will use zonation position and ecological context as identification aids; the ecology of the shore is central to this course, and adaptations enabling organisms to survive in this extreme environment will be considered. The first day will be spent on a sheltered rocky shore. Species identification will be a priority but the fieldwork will be structured to provide an ecological framework in which to view the organisms. The second day will focus on an exposed rocky shore to reinforce identification skills and introduce the different communities encountered in response to changes in exposure to wave action. This is an accredited course and is suitable for professionals and interested amateurs. Particiapnts may wish to stay for additional nights – please contact Dale Fort for details.

John Archer-Thomson has a long association with Pembrokeshire and was previously Assistant Head of Centre at Dale Fort. His special interests include diving, photography, ecology and natural history.

How to Apply

To book a place on this course, please visit the FSC website or contact the centre directly on 01646 636205.

Please mention when enrolling in this Course!

Please mention when enrolling in this Course!

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Start date:

8th October 2018 at 4:00pm


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Dale Fort, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom