Scything for Beginners

Scything is an historic method of managing fields and grassland that is as effective today as it was hundreds of years ago. If you are growing a wildflower meadow, have grassland near water or simply want to sustainably manage an area of interest, this the perfect way to maintain it.

Your tutor will explain where and when to use the variety of different types of scythes. He will also discuss safety and tool maintenance before taking you out for an afternoon of practical scything experience.

About your tutor:

Clive started his business, Hedgecraft, in 1988 after spending his formative years as an agricultural contractor, grubbing out hedges and filling in ditches and ponds, before realising that this practice was not sustainable. He had always had an interest in rural crafts, so began to seek out the old craftsmen who could still lay hedges, scythe fields, make hurdles and puddle clay ponds in the traditional ways. Clive is now, all these years later, training dozens of students each year in these long-forgotten skills

How to Apply

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Key Information

Start date:

6th September 2022 at 10:00am


members £60, non-members £72


Surrey Wildlife Trust




Countryside & Land Management, Workshop & Practical Skills


Bay Pond Educational Nature Reserve, United Kingdom

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