Sound analysis and bat species identification

This one-day course, for professionals or interested amateurs, focuses on the analysis of calls recorded on full spectrum, broadband time expansion or frequency division bat detectors. It includes analysis and identification of British bat calls, using BatSound as primary software – illustrated identification features also apply to other software.

Course content includes:

  • Principles of sound analysis
  • Getting good recordings
  • Identification of UK species from calls
  • Practical sessions in using BatSound*

* NB: Anabat systems and zero crossing will not be covered in this course

Prior Knowledge: Designed as a follow-up to Surveying for Bats.

Equipment: Frequency division/time expansion/full spectrum detectors, recording equipment and laptops.

Professional Training Standards met:Foundation knowledge1.2Preparation & planning of surveys3.2Surveying techniques & equipment4.2

In line with BCT’s Bat Surveys for Professional Ecologists: Good Practice Guidelines, 3rd Ed.

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£165 (£5 discounts for BCT members)


Bat Conservation Trust




Biodiversity, Ecology


ARUP's Offices, London

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