Spectacular Spiders

Our eight legged friends instil fear in some, while others find them fascinating.  If you fall into the curious about arachnids category, then join us for a day of discovery learning about spiders.

Our tutor, Graeme Lyons, will spend an hour in the morning showing images of various spider species and discussing their unique traits.  He will cover:

  • The anatomy of a spider
  • The UK fauna (how many species etc)
  • Some major families
  • Some key families to tackle when starting out
  • How to find spiders
  • How to identify them
  • How to record them
  • Texts
  • Conservation statuses
  • British Arachnological Society and Facebook groups etc.

 The rest of the day will be spent outdoors, showing people how to find spiders by beating, sweeping, sieving, using a suction sampler etc. We will record all the spiders we can identify and show what can be done in the field with hand lenses.

Tutor profile – Graeme Lyons

I started recording spiders in 2010 after visiting Iping Common with the then county recorder Andy Phillips. I was completely amazed by the plethora of unusual shapes and forms of the spiders we found and was completely hooked. As an ecologist at Sussex Wildlife Trust and a freelance entomological consultant, recording spiders became part of my regular invertebrate surveys and I have found many rare and scarce species in the south east. At the end of 2017 I became county recorder for spiders in Sussex and in 2019 I am spending the year listing spiders. At the time of writing (14th May) I have seen 243 spider species in 2019 making this my big year for spiders and a great time to attend one of my spider courses.

How to Apply


Please mention ConservationJobs.co.uk when enrolling in this Course!

Key Information

Start date:

6th September 2019 at 10:00am


members £45, non-members £57


Surrey Wildlife Trust




Nature & Wildlife


Nower Wood Educational Nature Reserve, United Kingdom

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