Water Vole Mitigation

A one-day course covering the impacts of different types of development on water voles and the options for mitigation. The course will have a particular focus on determining the most appropriate approach to relocating water voles, by either trapping or use of the displacement technique, following the new guidance published in April 2016 (the Water Vole Mitigation Handbook). The principles of displacement will be discussed in particular detail. The basic principles of trapping will also be discussed; this topic is covered in greater detail on the ‘Water Vole Live Trapping, Care and Restoration’ course.

This course is aimed at experienced practitioners (intermediate or advanced level) and is a classroom based course which complements our practical training on ‘Water Vole Live Trapping, Care and Restoration’.

Further details on our other Water Vole training events can be found in ‘Related Training Events’ below.

Who Should Attend?

Consultants, LPA Ecologists, conservation officers in SNCOs or NGOs

Knowledge Level


Prior Knowledge

It is assumed that those attending the mitigation course have attended the ‘Water Vole Ecology and Surveys’ course, or are already experienced in undertaking water vole surveys and have a good understanding of the background ecology of the species.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the legislation relating to water voles
  • Ability to assess the impacts of a development proposal on water voles
  • Ability to design an appropriate mitigation strategy
  • In depth understanding of the displacement technique, its limitations, and practical implementation
  • *This Learning Outcome is covered in detail in CIEEM’s two-day ‘Water Vole Live Trapping, Care and Restoration’ Training event.


Course fee includes refreshments throughout each day but lunch is not included.

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CIEEM Member: £110 / Non-member: £180






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