Woodland Plants

Identifying Woodland Plants is a course for those wishing to develop their skills in woodland plant identification. We will look at a wide range of species, including not only trees and the more colourful flowering plants, but also often neglected groups such as woodland grasses, sedges and ferns. We will take a look at some woodland mosses and liverworts, as these form an important component of some types of woodland.

The timing of the course means that most of these plants will be at their very best. We will discuss a range of related topics, including ancient woodland indicators, and the strategies which allow woodland plants to cope with the shade which would make many species struggle. Our field trips will take us to a variety of different types of woodland. These may include typical base-rich, species-rich lowland woodlands, sessile oak woods with a distinct ‘upland’ feel to them, wet alder woodlands, a range of scrub communities and secondary woodland. Please note that while we won’t walk great distances or at a great pace, some of the paths are steep.

Sally Peacock has a long-standing interest in natural history and a love of being outside. She strongly believes that knowing the plants we see around us can enrich our experience of the world.

How to Apply

To find out more about the course please visit our website, call 01548 580466 or email enquiries.sl@field-studies-council.org.

Please mention ConservationJobs.co.uk when enrolling in this Course!

Key Information

Start date:

22nd May 2020 at 5:00pm


From £290


Field Studies Council




Biodiversity, Ecology, Nature & Wildlife


FSC Slapton Ley, Devon, United Kingdom

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