Woodlice Identification with Microscopes

There are around 40 different species of woodlice occurring naturally outdoors in the British Isles, many of which require microscopic examination in order to reliably identify to species. Join us to take your woodlice identification skills to the next level.

This course provides an introduction to identifying woodlice using the FSC AIDGAP ‘Key to the Woodlice of the UK & Ireland’ by Stephen Hopkin. This includes a short presentation introducing the morphological features used to identify specimens to species level, followed by practical sessions guided by our expert tutor. During the lab sessions, you’ll explore a wide variety of different woodlice species, including both common species and rare ones that can be trickier to find in the wild.

Supported by the tutor, you’ll look at the antennae, body shape, eyes and uropods of woodlice. For example, learners will be taught how to determine if uropods (the posterior pair of appendages on a woodlouse) are pointed, spear-shaped or spade-shaped and will identify mystery specimens illustrating these different shapes.

Through a combination of taught classroom content and lab-based practical sessions, learners will gain confidence in using the identification key and preserved specimens to identify woodlice to species level.

  • Certificate upon course completion.
  • Please email biolinks@field-studies-council.org if you have any questions.
  • Please note that this course will involve using specimens that have been killed and preserved.

What will be covered during this course?

  • The external (morphological) features used in woodlice identification
  • How to work through the ‘Key to the Woodlice of the UK & Ireland’ by Stephen Hopkin to determine woodlice specimens accurately to species level
  • Practical experience observing woodlice ID features using a microscope
  • No microscope experience is necessary – our tutors will set up and show you how to use a microscope

How to Apply


Please mention ConservationJobs.co.uk when enrolling in this Course!

Key Information

Start date:

7th December 2021 at 10:00am




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Biodiversity, Biology, Ecology, Environment, Nature & Wildlife, Workshop & Practical Skills


FSC Bishops Wood, United Kingdom

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