National Bat Conference

The National Bat Conference 2018 will take place on 7-9 September 2018 at the University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus, bringing together bat enthusiasts from across the country to discuss cutting-edge research, share best practice and develop their skills and knowledge.

More details about the event will be released in due course, but the programme will include talks on:

  • Lesser horseshoe bat mitigation
  • Putting UK Woodland Bats on the Map
  • Whitenose syndrome
  • Surveillance, Epidemiology and Evolution of European Bat Lyssavirus 2
  • Autumn migration strategy of Nathusius’s bats
  • Stackpole and greater horseshoe bats in West Wales
  • Assessing the impact of both localised structural features and landscape influences on bat populations using acoustic surveys

And address questions such as:

  • Surveying Trees for bats: can we do better?
  • Did the bat cross the road?
  • How well can the BCT staff dance at a ceilidh?!


There will also be a wide variety of workshops to choose from each day Saturday:

  • Sound Analysis for the Perplexed
  • Bat handling for Beginners
  • Autumn Swarming – next steps
  • Conflict and Stress in Bat Consultancy – How to minimise, manage and survive
  • Bat Social Calls by Sight & Sound (Definitely Sound!)
  • Understanding safeguarding for bat groups
  • Surveying trees
  • Best Practice for surveying bridges and viaducts
  • An overview of Titley Scientific Products
  • An introduction to Kaleidoscope Viewer (Free version) sound analysis software
  • Visualising and presenting all that bat data; the world beyond the spreadsheet.
  • Developing and organising a bat group, and engaging members.
  • Introduction to QGIS for bat groups
  • Getting the most out of Bat Sound
  • Approaching Media Engagement with Confidence


  • Bat handling for Beginners
  • Bearing Witness for Wildlife – Recognising, recording and reporting wildlife crime
  • Advanced Trapping Techniques
  • Emergency bat care for the non bat carer.
  • Infection control for high risk bats
  • Batty Crafts
  • An introduction to Anabat Insight Software
  • An introduction to Kaleidoscope Viewer (Free version) sound analysis software
  • Introduction to Sound Analysis
  • Data Protection – what it means and why you should care
  • Surveying for buildings for bats
  • Bats in Art and Culture
  • Batlogger and BatExplorer

How to Apply

To book: 

For more information, contact Naomi Webster


Phone: 020 7820 7169

Please mention when enquiring about this event!

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from £115 for day delegate


Bat Conservation Trust


Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecology, Environment, Nature & Wildlife, Workshop & Practical Skills


University of Nottingham, United Kingdom