Senior Manager – Anti-trafficking & Enforcement Support


TRAFFIC is the leading non-governmental organization working globally on trade in wild animals and plants in the context of both biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

TRAFFIC International is a charity and limited company registered in the UK. TRAFFIC’s head office, based in Cambridge UK, provides worldwide leadership, coordination, cross-regional and corporate functions. TRAFFIC’s local engagement is managed through programme offices operating under the auspices of the UK charity, with staff based in a hub office and at other strategic locations where necessary. Programme offices operate within a geographic area of responsibility focused on one or multiple countries where TRAFFIC aims to help deliver priority programme outcomes. TRAFFIC works in strategic alliance with IUCN and WWF on wildlife trade issues.

Job Description:

This position leads the work on anti-trafficking and law enforcement support related to big cat trade and associated illegal wildlife trade. While based strategically in Asia, the general role of coordination and law enforcement support and big cat trade is global in nature. It focuses on the development and delivery of innovative and integrated solutions, with the right partners in the right places. The role will deal with some sensitive issues, as it will work to help partners improve governance in countries where transparency is often challenging. The role will help governments and inter-governmental agencies to combat criminal activity, while also supporting partnerships to build in transparent mechanisms to mitigate corrupt practices.

  • Coordinating anti-trafficking related work to reduce illegal trade in big cats with a focus on Tigers, in addition to other priority species and wildlife products, applying an insight-led, results-oriented and collaborative approach.
  • Supporting technical oversight for this work, including project management where required, in order to consolidate WWF and TRAFFIC’s reputation as a leader in this field. Continuing to build the relationships required to strengthen its role as a strategic convener of governments, agencies and institutions to mitigate the smuggling and illegal trade in priority species and products, along priority trade chains.
  • Supporting concept and proposal development to help leverage additional funding and technical resources that will be required to ensure the successful delivery of this work.
  • Supporting efforts for a streamlined, coordinated and synergistic approach to the design and delivery of the TRAFFIC Work Plan related to trafficking, enforcement support and big cat trade, coordinated with TRAFFIC, WWF, IUCN and other partners including the Tiger HII.
  • Providing strategic guidance to TRAFFIC staff working on illegal wildlife trade and ensuring best practices of safety and security are followed, implemented and refined as necessary.
  • Support the compilation of technical reports, briefing papers and other communication materials.
  • Monitoring performance benchmarks, to ensure they are being met and on track, and taking remedial steps to resolve slow progress or impediments, through adaptive management.
  • Liaising with TRAFFIC geographic and thematic / project teams and WWF regional anti-poaching advisors, on big cat trade to ensure joined up work, particularly in linking intelligence information systems This also includes acting as TRAFFIC focal point for the WWF Tigers Alive Advisory Group.
  • Providing timely and relevant internal communications to TRAFFIC on progress, challenges and opportunities.
  • Fostering partnerships as appropriate, between organisations and international institutions to identify and deliver opportunities for joined-up approaches between us all.

Priority Outputs:

  • Regular coordination with the WWF Tiger Trade Lead on TRAFFIC strategy and workplan development on Tigers.
  • Assistance with funding opportunities/proposal preparation, including from US funding sources (e.g., INL & FWS).
  • Developing a new TRAFFIC strategic approach and priorities to combat big cat trafficking, with an emphasis on Tigers.
  • Inputs for the planning and implementation of the TRAFFIC Work Plan for the regulation, law enforcement support and big cats.
  • Finalisation of best practice guidelines and protocols on law enforcement support activities by TRAFFIC staff and capacity building efforts.
  • Driving forward big cat trade data collection and analysis in the WITIS data system and delivery to law enforcement agencies by TRAFFIC staff.
  • Significant progress with defining shared activities and signing or refining MOUs with intergovernmental organisations e.g. Interpol.
  • Development of funding proposals to meet priorities within the strategy on big cats trade and anti-trafficking.
  • Provide input to WWF Tigers Alive technical advisory group regarding anti-trafficking priorities for Tigers, in line with Tx2 targets for 2022.
  • Compiling a 6-monthly technical progress report detailing impacts on big cat trafficking and law enforcement support activities detailing, inter alia.
  • Research and analysis findings, including anti-trafficking links to landscapes and end-markets.
  • Relevant capacity building efforts by regional teams.
  • Seizures, arrests and prosecutions where TRAFFIC played a role.
  • Major initiatives, events and results on anti-trafficking efforts.


  • A minimum of 5 years’ professional experience in anti-trafficking work, law enforcement support, intelligence or investigations (law enforcement, private sector or civil society).
  • At least a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline, a higher degree is a distinct advantage.
  • Good knowledge of wildlife trafficking, wildlife law enforcement support, preferred.
  • Experience in working with and communicating programme objectives to government and intergovernmental agencies, non-governmental organisations, civil society, private sector and other conservation partners.
  • Experience in writing successful project concepts and proposals a distinct advantage.
  • Team management, coordination, communications and reporting skills essential.
  • Strong research and analytical background including research in the field.
  • Fluency and excellent writing skills in English essential, competency in additional languages an advantage.
  • Relevant and proven experience in project management (i.e. coordinating larger projects, including overseeing consultants and managing project budgets and reporting).
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively as part of a team, with respect for and sensitivity to gender, multi-cultural approaches.
  • A willingness and ability to travel widely and frequently.
  • An ability to work under pressure.

How to Apply

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Fixed Term


Full Time


Mid Level, Postgraduate


Conservation, Environment, Nature & Wildlife, Sustainability


Thailand, Thailand

Application Deadline:

18th November 2018 at 9:00pm