Marine mammals of the Comoros with focus on humpback whale

Cetacean Research in Comoros Islands, Indian Ocean

Moidjio C.R.C.A.D. (Centre for Research Conservation and Devolpment) and the Marine Mammals Research Association (DMAD) are happy to announce the upcoming cetacean research volunteering in the Comoros Island, Indian Ocean. The volunteering is going to take place between 15th September 2018 and 15th October 2018. Joining our team of international researchers is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain important scientific, analysing and conservation skills in the marine mammal research field.

Patners involved:

Moidjio C.R.C.A.D. is the host organisation and is a French/Comorian research and conseration centre based in the Comoros islands. It primary aim is conservation through science and help to the development of local initiatives for the sustainable use of biodiversity. This translates by putting together scientific programs on several taxa that will help to conserve ecosystems and the incredible biodiversity of Comoros islands. Moidjio C.R.C.A.D. works on marine mammals, marine turtles, costal environment, Livingstone bats, Lemurs, tropical forests and sustainable agriculture. Our key species is the humpback whales that migrate in the area for breeding and nursing, but we also focus on other species such as False killer whales, Beaked whales, spinner dolphins and pantropical spotted dolphins.

The Marine Mammals Research Association (DMAD) was founded in 2015 in Turkey, realising the important knowledge and conservation gap on cetaceans and is conducting scientific research and conservation actions in the Eastern Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea since then. We address questions about marine mammals’ abundance, distribution and behaviour, to define critical habitats and investigate the impact of major threats. In addition to our research effort, our attention also focuses on the promotion and implementation of awareness initiatives targeted at the local communities particularly youth.

Research topic: 

  • Acoustic of humpback whales in local and regional area
  • Acoustic of offshore dolphins: false killer whales, spinner dolphins, Pygmy killer whales, bottlenose dolphins, fraser’s, melon headed etc..
  • Behaviour of marine mammals (Theodolite land observation and daily boat surveys).
  • Abundance and distribution of marine mammals in South Comoros.
  • Catalogue of marine mammals species.


We will provide lectures, workshops and fieldwork training in:

  • Observation and identification of various cetacean species
  • Abundance and distribution of cetaceans
  • Behavioural observations
  • Acoustics using PAMGuard and Raven Pro. (data set analyses and vocalisation description, live detection, post analyses of data sets)
  • Photo-ID and Discovery software
  • Scientific data analysis
  • ArcGIS mapping software
  • Theodolite operation

Accommodation & Facilities

Basic accommodation in the village of Chindini and local food prepared by our own Comorian cook, are included in the participation fee. Volunteers will have a bed in a shared room with access to a communal kitchen and bathroom.
The place is located in Chindini village in the South of Grande Comore. There are plenty of outdoor activities to choose such us hiking, snorkling, lying on sandy beaches and birdwatching. On the weekends, you will have free time to travel across the country and visit the nearby attractions.

Project Fee

The project partcipation fee is 900 pound/month which includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Food (3 meals a day) only local food.
  • Entire trainings
  • Field work
  • Use of the equipment
  • Project related transportation within the country
  • Development village fee.

Not included in the fee is:

  • Transportation to/from Comoros Islands
  • Off programs activities.
  • Visa (30 Euros on arrival)
  • All participants should have health and/or travel insurance
  • Certificate of Participation will be provided after the training.

NB: this is not a commercial operation, we are non-profit organisation and all money is going toward the project. We are giving free courses in return to generous participation to this important conservation and research project. Money is to cover the expenses such as accomodation, food, boat rental and local guides and boat handlers. All team at Moidjio/DMAD is also contributing to the project. Each course would cost you over 600£ if you were to undertake it in training courses.

You will be trained by the best marine mammals researcher and conservationist.

How to Apply

Please send your CV and cover letter to, and explain the reasons why you would be the perfect asset for our team of researchers and which goals you hope to achieve with us! If you wish to have more info about the work of the researchers follow us here:


Please mention when applying for this job!

Key Information


Moidjio CRCAD / DMAD




Full Time


Entry Level


Biodiversity, Ecology, Environment, Marine Conservation, Nature & Wildlife, Workshop & Practical Skills


Chindini, Comoros

Application Deadline:

Not specified, apply soon.