Action for the Wild

Colchester, United KingdomConservation, Ecology, Environment, Nature & Wildlife, Research, Sustainability

UmPhafa Reserve is supported by Colchester Zoo’s charity, Action for Wild, and was established in 2004 when a number of cattle farms where purchased with the intention of creating a 6000ha conservation area exclusively for the research of African flora and fauna and as a centre for environmental education.

Following extensive measures to rehabilitate the habitat and recreate much of the regions former species assemblage, UmPhafa developed a successful research and internship programme to provide participants with practical and creditable experience in the field of conservation as well as opportunities to undertake independent research studies on the reserve.

UmPhafa is now home to a wide range of mammalian species including white rhino, giraffe, leopard, spotted hyena and zebra, as well as an array of smaller carnivores and antelope species.

Charity Number 1105621