British Exploring Society

British Exploring Society


We go to the end of the path, and keep going! We believe engaging young people in exciting activities to complete projects of real worth in a challenging environment where you depend on yourself and team members alone, is a powerful model for the sort of personal growth that is commonly absent from traditional education paths.

The Objective of the Society is to advance the education of young people by providing inspirational and challenging scientific expeditions to remote, wild environments and so promote the development of their confidence, teamwork, leadership and spirit of adventure and exploration.

Why are we exciting? British Exploring is the longest running and most experienced youth organisation of its kind! Established in 1932 by Surgeon Commander George Murray Levick, a key member of Captain Scott’s famed Antarctic Expedition of 1910-1913, British Exploring has been delivering inspirational and adventurous expeditions to some of the worlds wildest and most stunning locations for over 80 years! What can we offer?

  • Adventure with a purpose
  • Personal development
  • Inspirational expeditions
  • Stunning, wild and remote locations
  • Scientific fieldwork and conservation
  • Excitement
  • Memories
  • Unrivalled experience of expedition delivery

What is our culture like?

Above all else, British Exploring is a personal development charity; a role that we have had from our very first adventure in 1932. Using the vehicle of an expedition, we seek to create the conditions for well-defined personal development that is of real long-term value to those taking part.

Through challenging expeditions in some of the most beautiful, powerful and inspirational wilderness areas of the world, under the heading ‘Adventure with Purpose’, we give young people the opportunity to learn about themselves and others and develop their personalities, characters and skills.