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Who is JNCC?

JNCC is the only statutory nature advisor to the four governments of the UK. We know nature and believe that a thriving natural world is crucial for people and planet. We are an inclusive organisation. We collaborate, innovate, and evaluate, providing robust evidence and advice to help policy makers turn science into action. We work across land and sea with partners in the UK, the UK Overseas Territories and around the world. For over 30 years our trusted expertise, dedication and skills have strengthened nature conservation and we are working in collaboration to drive nature recovery. We are for nature, for people and the planet. We’re small enough (c.270 staff) that your voice is heard by everyone including the CEO and the Joint Committee (our ‘board’), but big enough that we have the skills, resources and assets you’ll need to get the job done. Our staff are passionate about nature conservation and recovery and making a difference to the world we live in. We have a very flexible, inclusive and welcoming organisational culture. You will benefit from our supportive workplace culture, excellent holiday and pension benefits, as well as an exciting job in a unique environment.


Ecosystems are being degraded and biodiversity is being lost at significant rates around the world, and declines are continuing in the UK. These losses matter: we no longer have a sustainable natural system that can provide reliable supplies of clean water, purify the air, regulate the  climate, or secure food supplies. More than half of global Gross Domestic Product is put at risk by losses to nature. Many countries have made hugely important commitments to recover nature. Achieving these commitments will require transformative change across society and in the way we value, protect, use and engage with nature. Collectively, we need to go high nature and low carbon, tackling the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change together. Nature can help us survive this uncertain future, but its ability to do so depends upon biodiverse  ecosystems that are resilient to the changes ahead. JNCC’s unique role, as the only statutory nature advisor to all four governments of the UK, ensures we make an important contribution to the UK’s international nature negotiations and commitments and to bending the curve on  biodiversity loss.