TCV - Skelton Grange

The Conservation Volunteers – Skelton Grange

Leeds, Yorkshire

The Conservation Volunteers at Skelton Grange in Leeds have long recognised that looking after green places isn’t only about caring for nature, but about caring for people as well.

Since 1992, we have used the natural environment to offer a range of education, job skills and recreation opportunities for people of all ages. Skelton Grange welcomes over 6500 people a year, including young people joining environmental education and play activities, and adult trainees and volunteers leading education sessions and conservation and biodiversity projects. This enables them to widen their experience & aspirations, reduce social exclusion and build confidence, develop skills for further training or employment, and partake in positive activities which promote lifelong learning and cohesive communities.

Very simply, every year we engage thousands of people of all ages with their local environment where they make a positive difference to their community.


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