Wilder Humber Volunteer

Leading renewable energy company, Ørsted, is partnering with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust to launch Wilder Humber – an ambitious five-year programme to restore marine habitats and species throughout the Humber estuary, a large tidal estuary on the east coast of northern England, and one of the busiest and fastest-growing trade routes in Europe.

The iconic Humber estuary is also one of the most important natural features and conservation sites in the UK. These habitats are critical for marine biodiversity. For example, seagrass provides rich nursery habitats, breeding and feeding grounds for a vast array of marine and oysters are Oysters are ecosystem engineers that work tirelessly to keep our seas healthy and clean filtering 200 litres of water per day!

We’re after a team of volunteers to provide support to our Native Oyster Restoration Officer and help us to deliver this exciting new project which will see us:

  • Restore and enrich nearly 40 hectares of protected habitats and rebuild the Humber’s lost native oyster population to over half a million oysters;
  • Restore 30 hectares – in the 40-hectare area – of lost seagrass meadow at Spurn Point

Due to the dynamic nature of the project the tasks could be variable depending on the needs of the restoration team. Reporting directly to the Native Oyster Restoration Officer you will primarily be assisting with the following tasks.


  • Seagrass seed bag making
  • Planting seagrass seed bags
  • Collecting seagrass seeds and subsequent care


  • Recording oyster biometrics
  • Making oyster boxes
  • Oyster husbandry


  • Saltmarsh nursery
  • Saltmarsh monitoring
  • Seed collection / Planting

There will be a suite of survey work and subsequent data management across the three habitat types. There is potential with adequate training to assist with specific survey works. Plus, there will be opportunity to assist with wider maintenance works requiring some manual labour at the discretion of the relevant project officer.

This role will require a reasonable level of fitness, needing to walk over soft ground in occasionally quite challenging weather conditions while carrying heavy equipment and regularly using a manual hand tool in a standing position.

How to Apply

For more details, and to apply, please visit our website

Please mention ConservationJobs.co.uk when applying for this job!


Doc Wilder Humber Volunteer  

Key Information


Yorkshire Wildlife Trust


Fixed Term


Part Time


Entry Level


Biodiversity, Countryside & Land Management, Environment, Nature & Wildlife


Spurn Point, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Application Deadline:

Not specified, apply soon.

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