Conservation Courses

  • John Muir Award: The Pond

    The pond – uneventful, smelly, even mildly-hazardous for dogs and children bounding happily into their murky depths.

    By Guest Bloggers on 10th January 2013
  • John Muir Award: Conservation in Action

    This week we will talk about the practical work carried out to meet the third and most important challenge; Conserve.

    By Richard Hassall on 20th December 2012
  • John Muir Award: Doing your bit for conservation

    The John Muir Trust, a charity set up to protect wild places, takes its name from the pioneering conservationist John Muir, a Scottish born American who believed in preserving wilderness.

    By Richard Hassall on 7th December 2012
  • Conservation Field Trips: Why They Matter

    If you have come to university to learn about conservation and use your brain to solve issues, you may wonder why you’re being asked to poke around in the mud.

    By Guest Bloggers on 31st October 2011